Cronulla on Easter Monday, 21.4.14

In my quest to understand more of Christianity, I had attended church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday last year. This year, I had decided to stay home and take a good rest before school starts on 5 May. I am going to take up 2 subjects, Australian Constitutional Law and Administrative Law. I don’t know how things will pan out, but I know I will be busy when school starts. These 2 subjects are additional studies required by the Legal Profession Admission Board of NSW, as part of the requirement for admission.

So on Easter Monday, I decided to take a trip to Cronulla to check it out. There are 4 major/popular beaches in Sydney, i.e. Bondi, Manly, Coogee and Cronulla. I had visited the first three of the popular beaches last year, save for Cronulla. The train ride from the city to Cronulla took me 2 hours to and fro, but the trip did not disappoint :-).Image

The above is the pathway from the shops leading to the beach. As you can see, the Aussies love their beaches. I like the palm trees, they made me feel as if I were in Miami!



Beach, here I come!




Like most beach suburbs, Cronulla is hip and happening. Unlike other suburbs, many of the cafes in Cronulla are open over Easter and they were bustling with customers having their drinks and coffees. I really had a good time walking the beach, feeling the sand and the ocean swirling at my feet. For some reason, beach-walking keeps me very grounded and keeps my mind crystal clear.

I must admit that my favourite beaches in Sydney are still Bondi and Manly, but Cronulla provides a cheaper alternative (in terms of travelling costs). Another thing is, Bondi and Manly are usually visited by tourists whereas you get to see more local faces in Cronulla.

Now that I have canvassed the major beaches in Sydney, perhaps I should visit the hills or mountains in the future 🙂


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