Green Weekend – 4.5.2014


After so many occasions connecting with the ocean, I finally made a trip to the Botanical Garden last Sunday. This time, I connected with the plants and the trees. I walked on the grass and delighted in the dazzling greenery.


The Botanical Garden is located in Domain, next to the Sydney Opera House. Entrance is free of charge. What I love most about the Botanical Garden is that it is full of trees. Judging from the size of the trunk of the trees, I gather that some of trees are indeed very, very old.


The Botanical Garden is within walking distance to the Central Business District (CBD). So it only takes a short walk for the office workers to drop by for a quick picnic during their lunch hour. One could actually view the Sydney skyline from the Botanical Garden.


I had enjoyed connecting with the earthy energy. The energy of the earth is rather different from the energy of the ocean. There’s a heat element in the earthy energy which made me feel alive, energized, inspired and revitalized. Despite my background and upbringing, I am a firm believer of the 5 basic elements in life – earth, fire, water, air and ether (spirit). In order for us to be a balanced human being, these 5 basic elements must be in balance in our bodies.


Last but not least, the flowers. Flowers are not plentiful in the Botanical Garden, but some are in full bloom. Needless to say, looking at these flowers made my day!



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